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Contractual Agreement

Booking Conditions for parents and children hiring private school coach travel services.


This contract is between Reays Coaches Ltd (Coach Operator) and the parents and child(ren) (Hirer) hiring the coach from Reays Coaches Ltd.


This contract is a continuous rolling contract, renewable each year or until the end of the school year that the passenger of the hirer leaves the nominated school.


The Coach Operator’s Obligations

  1. To provide a coach for all coach travel on the dates school children attend school. If, for any reason, the coach is not available, then a substitute coach/coaches, of similar standard, must replace this coach at the earliest possible convenience.

  2. To pick up the Hirers at the agreed times and transport them to school. The full timetable of timings and pick-up destinations are available on our website.

  3. To ensure all school transport routes including pick-up/drop off points are regularly reviewed to ensure all children are transported to school as quickly as possible but within the maximum journey times in the most efficient manner. Where timetable amendments are made, the Coach Operator will provide the Hirer with a minimum of seven days’ notice of any changes to take effect. (While the Coach Operator endeavours to provide a service that meet’s the Hirer’s needs, it is impossible to accommodate every individual preference for pick ups and drop offs.)

  4. To provide (on request) copies of insurance certificates, ministry of transport certificates, licences or any other documentation as required by the Authorised Officer.

  5. To ensure that, at all times during the operation of this contract, the vehicle(s) used complies with all relevant statutory provisions including regulations relating to the standards of condition, safety, construction and use of such vehicle and the licensing requirements of the appropriate authority.

  6. To ensure that suitable vehicle reserve arrangements are in place. We will always use our reasonable endeavours to provide a coach to the specification advertised but reserve the right to substitute an alternative vehicle should there be unforeseen circumstances.

  7. In order to comply with the requirements of the operator’s licence and Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Coach Operator shall ensure the completion of the vehicle report and have this report available for inspection as and when required by the Authorised Officer, the Police or the Vehicle Inspectorate.

  8. To ensure that no person employed (or under the Coach Operator’s control) shall smoke or cause any substance to be inhaled that is deemed hazardous to health, on or around any vehicle used (or intended to be used) in the performance of the contract at any time when passengers are or are likely to be present for not less than 20 minutes before. The Coach Operator shall take reasonable steps to ensure that any other person shall comply with this requirement at such times.

  9. During Winter months, when the weather may be particularly bad and roads hazardous, any decisions whether or not to operate should be made with the safety of passengers in mind. The Coach Operator shall inform the Hirer as soon as possible of a decision not to operate. The Hirers agree to appoint a representative at each departure point and informing the Coach Operator of such appointment and contacting this person will be deemed as the Coach Operator informing the Hirer.

  10. The Coach Operator shall ensure that all employees are, at all times, properly and sufficiently qualified, competent, careful, skilled, honest, experienced, instructed and supervised as the case may be with regard to the service provided.

  11. You are entitled to request the Coach Operator, by not less than 7 days’ notice in writing, to remove from the provision of the Service any employee of ours specified in such notice, save that such notice will be given only on reasonable grounds.

  12. The Coach Operator shall ensure that, at all times, only fully qualified and suitable persons shall undertake the discharge of any responsibility under this contract or otherwise be responsible for (or be left in charge of) any passengers to be transported under this contract. In particular, but without prejudice of the generality of the foregoing provision the Coach Operator shall not employ and shall take all reasonable steps so as not to employ or cause to be employed, any person with any conviction for offence against or involving children, handicapped or elderly persons with any such passengers to be transported under this contract. For the avoidance of doubt this Clause is to be construed in the light of the rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 and any provision amending, modifying or extending such provisions. All persons must satisfy a Criminal Records Bureau and Social Services check as approved by the Hirer before working on a contracted vehicle.

  13. The Coach Operator shall require its employees, at all times while engaged in provision of the service, to be properly and presentably dressed in appropriate work wear to the satisfaction of the Hirer.

  14. The Coach Operator may fit our vehicles and other property with CCTV to provide added security, monitor the conduct of customers, monitor service quality, to assist us in the process of deterring smoking, vandalism, fraud, theft, anti-social behaviour and attacks on our employees and other individuals, and in support of relevant criminal and civil legal proceedings and complaint investigation. All CCTV equipment and its operation complies with the GDPR 2018 Regulations (including the CCTV Code of Practice) and any subsequent amendments.

  15. Any CCTV Images may be provided to the police, DVSA, the Traffic Commissioner or any other enforcement agency at their reasonable request, whether to be used as evidence in prosecuting criminal activity or in assisting the identification of individuals or otherwise.

  16. The data controller, Kerrie Allison, has responsibility for the control of images and deciding how the CCTV system is used. The Hirer has notified the Information Commissioner’s Office of both the name of the data controller and the purpose for which the images are used.


The Hirers Obligations

17.  The Hirer is responsible for their child's conduct when travelling on private school transport services.

18.  The Hirer is responsible for taking/collecting their child from the nearest pick up/drop off point.

19.  The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the child is at the departure point ten minutes before the transport is due.

20.  The Hirer should ensure their child has their travel pass with them as the Coach Operator will make checks.

21.  The Hirer should ensure that the child knows what to do if the transport is late or does not arrive.



  1. Both the Coach Operator and the Hirer shall not, without written consent from each other during the Contract Period or at any time thereafter make use of for its own purposes, or disclose to any person (except as may be required by Law) the Contract Documents or any information contained therein or any material provided to the Coach Operator by the Hirer pursuant to the Contract or prepared by the Coach Operator pursuant to the contract, all of which information shall be deemed to be confidential.

  2. We comply with the GDPR 2018 Regulations, our data controller is Kerrie Allison and our data protection policy can be requested by writing to Reays Coaches Ltd, Strawberry Fields, Syke Park, Wigton, CA7 9NE. Where we collect or otherwise process your personal data, we will always do so in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. We retain full contact details for the Hirer, as well as other information supplied by you. We may use your information for the purposes under which we are registered with the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act.

  3. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring they are aware of the content of our Privacy Policy which can be found on our website at or request a copy by calling 016973 49999.


Health and Safety

25.  The Coach Operator shall at all times comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and of any other Acts, Regulations or Orders pertaining to the health and safety of employees.


Contract Price

26.  The prices quoted in Condition 18 shall be fixed for a period of one year. After this period any change will remain in force in accordance with the provisions of Condition 18 hereof. No reduction of price can be made after signature of the contract for any reason whatsoever.

  1. In addition to the sums specified in this contract, if there is a change in legislation whereby the coach hire included in this agreement is changed from zero rated VAT supplies to standard rated VAT supplies, the Hirer agrees to pay the extra VAT on issue of a tax invoice.

  2. Invoices provided by the Coach Operator to the Hirer must be paid by Direct Debit spread equally over a period of 10 months. The first payment will be paid on 1st September, followed by 9 more monthly payments on the 1st of each month, until 1st June, being the final payment for that school year.

  3. The daily agreed price per child per school day shall remain fixed for a minimum period of 12 months. Thereafter the Contract Price shall be subject to adjustment by increasing the Contract Price by a sum bearing the same proportion as the first years Contract Price as shall be borne by any increase in the Index figure. The inflation factor to take effect from 1 September each year and shall be in accordance with the Index figure for July each year. The application of that Procedure and all calculations in that regard shall be the sole responsibility and within the sole direction of the Coach Operator. Any increase will be notified to the Hirer automatically by the Coach Operator.

  4. This contract can be ceased during the school year whereby the Hirer provides 30 days’ notice in writing to the Coach Operator. The contract price will be payable until the end of the notice period.

  5. By signing this contractual agreement, you understand this legally binds the person(s) signing the form to the conditions of this enforceable contract and signifies that the person(s) signing this form has (have) read and understood the conditions pertaining to this contract.


Code of behaviour for passengers

  • Please turn up at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  • Always wear your seat belt while travelling on the coach.

  • Use the litter bags provided.

  • Help your driver by carrying out his reasonable requests in performing his duties.

  • Look after your fellow passengers on the coach.

  • Look after your coach – it has been bought especially for you.


Contact details

016973 49999                                                 Monday – Friday 08.00 – 17.30

07890 501 007                                                Monday to Friday 06.00 – 08.00 / 17.30 – 06.00


On behalf of the Coach Operator Reays Coaches Ltd

Please review these terms and conditions in their entirety as these form the basis of your contractual agreement.  The Hirer hereby specifically agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement as to all particulars hereof and hereby reaffirms the acknowledgments, representations and powers as set forth in this Agreement.

Reays Coaches Ltd, Strawberry Fields,

Syke Park, Wigton, CA7 9NE

Tel: 016973 49999


Company No: 3910309

VAT No: 843 1444 43

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